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Adrian Peterson’s Hope

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adrianpetersonBy Angela Fashimpaur

There are articles all over Facebook villifying Adrian Peterson for his actions towards his son, and they make me sick. I am not here to defend his actions at all, but perhaps my life experiences lend a different perspective, and I hope a few of you might hear me out. What I heard in his press statement was a broken son and a broken father….in our years as foster parents we cried tears of anger over our fair share of broken bodies and spirits, and sometimes it was not the child’s. Abuse is a cycle, a culture, it’s so viciously and deeply rooted that many don’t recognize it fully in themselves until something like this happens. I’ve held a hurting child and HATED their parents for what they did – until I met their parents and found myself in front of another broken child with many more years of scars to show for it, both physical and emotional. It doesn’t excuse their actions or change the consequences, but it does help to understand and to address the bigger issue. An advocate for families and fathering recently said that he persists for one question that haunts him, “what if someone had been there for my dad.” What if, instead of having DHS or the tabloids on speed dial, we pressed into the pain with love. What if someone had been there for Adrian Peterson as a young adult or now as a young father? What if that person is your neighbor whose shouting you hear or a parent in your child’s school who belittled his child in front of the class? What if you pressed in with love instead of accusations? Maybe there wouldn’t be 12,000 children in our state’s custody today. Maybe there would be one less senseless tabloid. Maybe……just what if…..
Church, those who call yourselves by the name of Christ, this is the love Jesus demonstrated for us and the love He calls us to give freely and without expectation. While we were filthy abusers, murderers, liars, and thieves, Jesus took the consequence we deserved in order to break the cycle and call us by his own name instead of that of our accuser

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