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Days of Decision

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Habakkuk 2:20 “But the Lord is in His holy temple.timetolead
Let all the earth keep silence before Him.”

In the next few days, decisions across the nation are made. Posters proclaim new, fresh, change, sweeping, reform, and justice. The punditry will not change our nation. The voting will not change our nation. Action with wisdom will change our nation.

The same is true of a business, family, congregation, communty agency, school, or local, state, or national government group. Action with wisdom produces change.

The voting will put some fresh faces and some wizened faces into the decision grids of committees, legislatures, executive offices, and judgeships. Friend, life will continue.

Habakkuk faced days when it seemed nothing good was coming. Pain stared at the people. Loss destroyed their hopes. Habakkuk stared into the face of those days and declared that even though nothing looked like it was going to work the way he wanted, he would rejoice in God. He would be joyful in the face of wanton lack and focus on a better day.

Surely, friend, the Lord is in His temple. We will make our votes and decide our decisions. Before we came, as we live, and after we leave, the Lord is in His temple. He watches all and moves over and above our decisions and actions and will bring to fruition what is necessary. We come and go. He is and stays.

I pray you find strength in knowing that regardless of outcome of any specific election, the Lord is in His temple. He is not overconcerned. He is not fretting. He is on duty, watching over us, intervening when needed, instilling vision in men and women to craft a better day, and committed to our good. He does not sleep. He does not rest. The Lord is in His temple.

Father, enliven hope of better days and right decisions and positive action in my friend. Let us remember You are in Your temple. We will decide what we decide. We will do what we do. In some manners, we will fail miserably. In other manners, we will find justice and mercy and truth. In all, You watch over and stand poised to accomplish Your kingdom on earth through the machinations of our actions. You, Lord, are in Your temple.

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