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Help Phil, David, Norm, Michelle – FAMILIES!

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dadsherosoklahomansnapWho is CTI? CTI is a skill building, problem solving assistance for individuals and families and communities. We use research and evidence based approaches alongside personal intervention strategies focused on fathering, parenting, and relationship. Life Skills, Dad’s University, and Family Builders course approaches put feet on the ground in the community. Joint events open new eyes with information and influence.

What are we chasing? Community change to moral integrity, personal responsibility, and community accountability from the household to influencers in government, education, business, religion, and community. We want responsible and healthy fathering and families and friendships to be fashionable and desired.

What differentiates? No fear. From curbside to board room. Community networking and integration of efforts.

A Short Story

A few twenty-somethings working on life skills wrote these notes back. It is a next step in a good direction for each of them.
I believe I have learned to know now what my true feeling are, and how to act when I feel angry.
I’ve learned : Understanding how I got here. Negotiating problems. Responding to anger.
I am better at talking to people. I also know how to control my anger better.
I’d like to help others the way I wanted to get helped
To step back and think about the issue, problem, or analyze the scenario fully before you attempt to deal with it to get the best possible outcome.
I know what I have wanted to change but laying it all (out) has really helped me put my plans into action.

That is real stuff. Real curbside change. It is a start. It is a good start for them, their children, their families, and their friends.

Join us!

Support with your time, talent, and treasure.

Help me.  Help Phil, David, Norm, Michelle.  Help families get stronger.

A hard question comes to me often. What do you do when the foundations are destroyed?
Respond to fractured families, uncommitted fathers, divorce as a lifestyle, addiction and co-dependency as a normative, violence as a status quo, and me-ism as the accepted point of decision. Hmmm. Move that cultural malaise to moral integrity, personal responsibility, and community accountability. Stabilize and repair and launch into positive success one person, one family, one neighborhood, one community, one state, and one nation at a time.
The answer is simple but not easy. If it was easy, it would be over. The battle rages. It must be fought.

Community Transformation Initiative

Educating – Empowering – Engaging

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