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Brick and Mortar: Stabilizing Influence

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mooreofficeThe last 25 months mark a powerful laser focus for CTI.  Specific program offerings target individuals and fractured families for growth and healing.

  •  Encouragements and education additionally target leader and those in recovery.
  • The Texoma I-35 corridor is a busy spot in addition to high fatherlss census tracts in OKC metro.
  • Many volunteers are taking their place.

Selection of a brick and mortar location for home office finalized this week.  224 S. Chestnut, Moore, Ok provides ready access to the most critical fatherless zones in the metro, while giving quick access to the southern I-35 corridor.  Co-location with ServeMoore (disaster recovery), Chick-fil-A Family Foundation, UCO Small Business Development Center, a new medical clinic for low income, and others gives synergy a chance to play.

Be a part.  Staff, support equipment and materials, travel, = $$.  Invest in families.  Build a better community.

A gift of $350 helps a probationer rebuild his/her thinking.  It costs you $29,000 a year to let him/her go back to prison.  67% do you know within a short time..  So far  after training 72 over the last 14 months, we have no recidivism reported.  That’s a savings of $1,392,000 annually for taxpayers.  That’s a lot of kids with parents at home building a better future. Our average paticipant has 2 children.  So a good 100 children have parents around.  A THINK grad just texted me that she is using a “Thinking Report” every day after graduating 3 months ago.  She is determined to build a better life with new skills.

A gift of $450 trains a couple in parenting with research and evidence based materials.  Right now in our parenting class, five families come as couples and bring their children, where we provide activities for them.  They are building family not just parenting skills.  They are building positive community relationships to replace some not so positive ones they have.

Right now, your attitude is pumped up a little.  Your view of the possible is increasing.  Our community is being transformed.

Be a part(ner) – GIVE NOW   Card or Paypal or send a check or

National Christian Foundation  ( A place for intentional givers.  We are an approved recipient.)

Yes, in that picture are plants replacing tornado damage and the handles of rakes and shovels going out with volunteers with our partners ServeMoore.

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