What is a Transformer?  That is anyone who comes to me with an expectation of improving.  They may not have it when we meet. But, they will get it before we are done. Some make great progress and change their family, neighbors, extended family, and community like this couple. They are hosting a couples communication session for other family members.  They are Transformers.  They came with issues. They walk side by side with solutions for others.

Where are you making a significant impact on the thoughts and lives of others so they can make a significant impact on the thoughts and lives of others?

Community Transformation Initiative is all about making Transformers happen in their world.  In the Christian venue, we would call that making Disciples. Get what I need. Give what I get to others. Repeat daily.


This is for you, who age our businesses, community, and organizations. 31 keys to effective organizational management developed over 35 years of study and practice.These were selected by my staff as the most impact in their lives and development. Now I share them with you.

Manage Well: An Eclectic Manager’s Guide To Excellence

by Philip Larsonhttp://www.amazon.com/dp/1499503121