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Decide Don’t Slide

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Decisions take correct cultivation. Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.  To improve my life, I need to find the right regimens to reinforce regardless of short term results.  Over time, my decisions will conform.

My golf game is atrocious.  My friend tells me, ‘Phil, you need to quit hitting the big ball (planet earth) before you hit the little ball.
But, my golf game is fine.  You see, I don’t play golf to win the game.  I play golf to spend time with a friend. That part of the game is good and it is what I want to practice.

What is important in your life? Friendships? Finances? Faith? Health?  Study to develop right practices.

Most Sundays and Mondays are full of sickness and breakdown reports.  As a businessman, pastor, and teacher, people report to me. As a friend, I watch their Facebook feeds and notice which are their worst days.  People get sick on Sunday and Monday because they make bad decisons on handling stress every day.  It catches up and takes us down with predictable regularity.  We crash and burn and call it being sick.  Really, we are reaping results of bad eating, working, resting, and stress management.  We are sliding.

If I want to greet a great Monday, I start with a rested and worshipful Sunday.  It is a decison.  I close my Friday or Saturday depending on my work demands with planning for the next week.  There is an intentional decision base to my life around which chaos can be controlled.

“A stitch in time saves nine.”  We don’t darn socks anymore. Darn it! But we should darn other items.  Rest, family and community worship, personal prayer and meditation, study of my career profession, communication with friends, planning, saving, relaxing, and family and friend time all feed my future health and happiness.  And the press of life will rob me of them if I don’t decide and make them happen.


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