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#txdads2016 Community Change

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Family Facts #txdads2016
Community change takes a catalyst of attentive and teachable people. Are you ready?


As I participated at the Texas Fatherhood Summit, it impressed me, the willingness to learn and the appreciation for the toughness of the task was present.  Leadership was poised and ready.

In another historic moment in world history, the Israeli people had lived under family dysfunction and oppression for decades.

Nehemiah attacked the community angst with many approaches.  One of those was public meetings or town halls as we call them.

Ezra, the appointed teacher under Nehemiah, played a key role in a momentous turnaround for Israel after years of self inflicted slavery and  occupation and family dysfunction.  The leaders had ready been gathered.  Now it’s time to move out another level.

He read sensible instruction and a call to a deep moral center from historical documents.


Then he read from it in the open .. from morning until midday, …..and the ears of all the people were  attentive to the Book of the Law.
Nehemiah 8:3 NKJV

Are we ready to make this move in Texas?  Maybe.  The nation certainly is not ready.  Maybe Texas can be the catalyst to sensible living, two parent involved families, and rational morality.


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