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What Love Is and Why It Matters

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What Love Is and Why it Matters:
Love is an overused and under lived term. It is used to justify many actions and accuse others of lack of compassion or sympathy or empathy or pity or interest or active intervention or many of it’s other interpretations and nuances. Interesting that love is used often in accusations, though the nature of love does not accuse.
1 John 4:11 Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another.
The standard of love is proactive sacrificial service.
What does this conversation have to do with living and leading? A lot.
When love ceases to be a wanted or needed motivation for success, then congregational, family, and community service is not a service. Politics breeds dissent and dissatisfaction and discouragement and dissonance in an atmosphere of power brokering, control, dominance, greed, and avarice. Politics enters all avenues of life. That is a world without proactive sacrificial service and that is our dilemma.
Love doesn’t parade pain. Ever have that friend that is always talking about how badly life and others treat them? That is not love speaking. That is pride shouting.
As the nation decides on many issues, including the qualities of leadership we desire most in our selection of a president, I encourage you to be true to yourself and the service of your loved ones. Love them. Proactively and sacrificially serve them. We depend on you to have love bouncing around as a core motivation in all you do. Your family depends on you. Your community depends on you. Your congregation depends on you.
Father, fill my friend with love. Attack the demons of disastrous disillusionment and inspire bright hope in a better day. Let my friend see with eyes of service and feel with a heart of goodwill. Let love rule and displace the pain of our nation.
Family Facts: Depression becomes a high impact item in childcare resulting in generational trends.

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