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Congratulations to our 45 graduates of Life Skills, Parenting and Youth Life Skills this week.  Each has labored for 3 months and 20 hours of training and more in home work.  I am proud of each one.  You are special to me and the future of Cooke County Texas.


Family Matters -Do Something


Prevalent in the US is an aversion to commitment and marriage. A good 50% and more of our children are born with no marriage intact.   Consider that many living together never have children.  We are a nation struggling with unrest and low commitment.  A lack of giving value to family reflects a sort of a hopelessness in our future orientation.  Today is all about today.  What future?  Why invest in the next generation?  All about me.

SOLUM takes action every day.  We build life foundations and thinking skills in our most fractured families.  We invest in a better life forward by investing in lives.

 raysthoughtsYet, there are many who have a thirst and a heart for something different. A healthy 84% of those in their prime early marriage years (18-34) are either married (28%) or want to be (56%). http://www.gallup.com/poll/163802/marriage-importance-dropped.aspx   We want commitment. We want future generations.  Our young men and women have not given up regardless of the bad examples that have been set. We just don’t seem to know how to get there.

 SOLUM takes action.  We train parents and caregivers in parenting skills.

QUEBEC QUESTIONS 20140529Our legislatures have for the most part wrapped up their activity, budgets, changes to social recommendations, and tax work.  It isn’t pretty.  Lots of dissent.  I am thankful for the work these servants perform in trying to make sense of it all and bring communities into a productive and healthy stream.  Every year seems to get a little nastier, or is that just how it looks from the outside?  Government was never meant in the Land of Freedom to control the minds of the masses but simply to mirror them.  How do you like the mirror image?

SOLUM takes action.  Our RESILIENCY Youth and Family Camp is all about building healthy and safe futures for our youth.  LOGO

Family matters. Yes, family builds the future.  And, we need something different than our current experience.  2016 years ago, an angel opened a discussion with Zacharius.  He said, “You will have a son, John, and he will work to turn the hearts of the fathers to the child.”  400 years prior a prophet, Malachai, said the same solution would be needed or our lands would be cursed.  Jesus said the same, “I show you THE FATHER.” These all were pointing to relationship not religion and faith not form. In fact they all got in trouble with the religious leaders of the day.
Religion is not an answer. Healthy and safe relationships are an answer.  Government is not an answer.  Solid life foundations are an answer.  Demands for recognition and rights are not an answer.  Generations of greatness are an answer.

Yes, I do want you to give. We need it. Summer is here and people forget.  Give $25.  Give $250. Give $2500. Keep SOLUM in motion.  Stretch us to broader venues.  Lack of finances meant we closed Marietta and Moore this year.  In Gainesville, we will train double the number of probationers, have extended to include youth probationers and their families, and others in the community.  Other communities could benefit, but it takes $$.  I am training five community activists right now, who are ready to do more.  But without $$, they will be unable to move forward.

I want you to think.  I want you to examine.  I want you to take action in your sphere of influence to build a better world that is healthy and safe and provides a healthy and safe environment in which children can grow into healthy and safe adults, who produce children living a better life forward.  The power is in our hearts and minds and hands and finances.  Will you? Do it?

solum3dnarrowedSOLUM acts.  You can support SOLUM.  We can be your hands and heart extended. SOLUMCommunity.Net
Family Facts: In a study of the Prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences in the Lives of Juvenile offenders http://www.journalofjuvjustice.org/JOJJ0302/article01.htm  2014, exposure to family violence, separation or divorce of parents, and incarceration of a parent top the list. 
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Press Release and Opportunity

LOGOResiliency Youth and Family Camp June 18th Noon to 7pm Lone Oak Ranch sponsored for youth ages 8-17 and their parents/caregivers. Check out details here. solumcommunity.net/resiliency   .  Our priority for the limited group will be for those with existing family members that have been incarcerated or on probation.  The camp is not exclusive to those households.  We expect to overbook and find need to schedule successive camps through the year.  We will find a way to serve all possible.  You can refer families directly to me phil@shepherdok.com940.580.4887 or have them go online to Register to be one of 50 FREE youth attendees along with parent/caregiver sponsored.
SOLUM, The Cooke County Juvenile Justice Department, REBOUND, Lone Oak Ranch, and Chris Covington, director of counseling at Victory Therapy Center have partnered to build an effective one day camp to increase RESILIENCY in youth and families, especially those related to juvenile or adult probationers or inmates.  According to an extensive study “One way communities can get involved is by developing strategies to build childhood resilience and to increase protective factors. Resilient children possess skills needed to positively respond to obstacles and difficulties they may face, including ACEs. Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg, a pediatrician at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, advocates the development of strong relationships between adults and children to decrease stress and increase competence. Adults who foster resilience-facilitating relationships may or may not be biological parents.”  Our heart is to be able to provide this great experience as an ongoing repetitive outreach to the Cooke County area and possibly beyond as a service to the community and the families most impacted.
“ACEs not only increase the chances of involvement in the juvenile justice system, but increase the risk of re-offense. A focused effort on early identification of ACEs, and intervention for ACEs with a goal of improving youth life circumstances and preventing criminal behavior, may reduce the likelihood of and costs related to juvenile criminal activities.” and I would add the negative impact on quality of life.
This study of over 64,000 youth who had been involved in the Florida juvenile justice system shows the most dominant ACEs were family violence, separation and divorce, and household member incarceration.
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List of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) that lead to chronic disease and increased likelihood of many negative life events such as involvment in the juvenile justice system.  3 to 4 of these early in childhood become strong indicators of later issues.

  1. Emotional Abuse
  2. Physical Abuse
  3. Sexual Abuse
  4. Emotional Neglect
  5. Physical Neglect
  6. Family Violence
  7. Household Substance Abuse
  8. Household Mental Illness
  9. Parental Separation or Divorce
  10. Household Member Incarceration
Quotes taken from The Prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) in the Lives of Juvenile Offenders published in the Journal of Juvenile Justice Spring 2014

Rev. Phil Larson

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SOLUM Community Transformation Initiative
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