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How Do I Overcome Anger?

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lifaqsThis is a tough one, right?  Anger can have a stronghold worse than any addiction.  If fact, it may be a feeder to an addiction.  Do you find yourself drinking because you want to calm the inner beast?  It happens.

Anger escalates.  It starts small and then erupts into a seething blast of inappropriate words and actions.  It can really get us into trouble, destroy relationships and lead into major depressive episodes.

It can be conquered.  You can have a better life forward.

Good Answer:

Anger has a few roots.  One of those is your CORE VALUE.  Building your inner core value is much like an athlete developing their CORE.  We can help you with that at SOLUM.  First ask yourself some quick questions?  Go to this link to give yourself a quick assessment of where you stand in regard to anger.  BE HONEST with yourself.


Whew, now you see some things you might not have seen.  You have good choices at SOLUM CTI.  Get into an action based solution. SOLUM Community offers a 90 break through workshop – THINK – based on research and evidence based cognitive self restructuring.  If you issue is a light anger, that is a great place to start and you will build skills for a lifetime.  This is a good place to start and it will get you moving on a decisive path.THINK Click Here for Schedule and more information.

But it might not be enough.  We have three upcoming six week workshops for men only and for women only to address Anger/Loss/Addiction that I strongly recommend.  You are not going to break anger in a minute or through any quick fix.  You need to contact me now to get into one of these.  NOW.  phil@shepherdok.com 

God Answer:

Get really serious. God cares and is ready to help you through this situation. Pray with me below.  Get God on your side. Scroll down and pray with me right now. Connect with a committed accountability coach and  study through Celebrate Recovery 25 lessons.  This is discipleship based change.  Usually six months is involved.  Jeremiah 17:14  Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; Save me, and I shall be saved, For You are my praise.

Fill out below.





Disclaimer: Suggestions given here are not meant to replace professional counseling. They are meant to get you started on a journey to a better life forward.

Givers Choice:  You’ve picked up some value today for free. What about others?  Pay it forward.  Make a tax deductible donation so we can keep helping others.  PayItForward

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