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It Can Be Done When You Help – Young Families In Need

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Last week, we turned away two families in need.  Impoverished, struggling, kids in foster care.  These children face the bleak realities of a life in foster care that results in 85% incarcerated, 99% with less than a college education, and a repetitious cycle of destruction.  All these families need is a few months of coaching and parenting classes. We turned them away.  Our funds are insufficient.  The state allocates no monies to help them where they need it. The county allocates no money to help them where they need it. Each depends on the faith community and non-profits to fill the gap.  Our hearts are bigger than our bank account.  The stream at our doorstep never ends.

It can be done when you help.

Sure, there are other “parenting” classes.  But, what they need is a passionate provision of coaching and workshops that engage them and allow them to heal and step forward. They are sent to us because we see results.  We see turnarounds.  We see families reunited.

It can be done when you help.


“In nearly 80% of low-income families with young children, parents do not have a postsecondary degree, which dramatically highlights the need to equip parents who have limited education with skills that can help them earn a family-supporting income. Additionally, the report emphasizes the need for federal and state agencies, along with businesses and community- and faith-based institutions, to work more closely together so that the whole family can succeed. ” Ann E. Casey Foundation  http://www.aecf.org/blog/nearly-half-of-americas-families-with-young-children-struggle-to-make-ends/

Would you sponsor a family?  To provide a loving and effective workshop for a family costs $450.00.  We already have raised the first $100 through local United Way support. We already have raised the second $100 through corporate donors.  We already have raised the third $100 through donated facilities.  Either you or the family pays that last $150.  When the family does not have it, they suffer.  The children suffer for a lifetime.

Really, I told the families to go ahead and register.  Something told me you would make up the difference.  So here is your opportunity. There are ways to help.  Fill out the form below and click Submit.  I will get back with you so you can give either secure online or by check.  (or just go direct now…)

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