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Flowers in the Rocks

Flowers in the Rocks

Five years ago in a period of two months, Dian and I went through the loss of her father, my favorite aunt, a good friend in Mexico during a mission trip, and relatives of each of our three married-in kids. In the same time frame we went through a corporate reorganization that directly impacted five operations I was directing, betrayals by trusted friends, some high stress incidents affecting our children and a major automobile accident.  We used the opportunity of change to redefine our lives and daily living. 

I am proud of my wife of 39 years and all my children (born, married in, and those who have adopted me) that stand with us. I am proud of friends who support us in the changes and laser focus of fixing fractured families.

Not one day of the five years has been easy. Every day has been wonderfully fulfilling and thousands of lives have been changed for the better. God is faithful. Read it again. God is faithful.

This picture was taken during a day of prayer and neditation and processing in the hard rock country of Western Oklahoma. There is beauty in hardship. Hardship is the pathway to peace. 

Today I move from giving 1-on-1 counseling for anger control to studying expanded therapeutic techniques to prayer and counseling with folks working through probation, parole, state custody of their children to Pastors of huge and small congregations, lawyers, and business professionals. I am in court testifying and community organizations advising.  I speak to thousands of state legislators and publish life change books.  

The phone never rests, emails continually come, texts go out and in, and messages come across multiple social media channels. 

People discover hope and healing. Family fractures are fixed.  God is good.  Read it again. God is good. 

Maybe you are processing changes in your life.  Remember two things. God is faithful. God is good.  Now go find the flowers in the rocks.