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Birthday Life Choices

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Last year on this day, my birthday, Malachi’s adoption was final. This year and every year on my birthday I am reminded. What a great birthday present. What a great reminder every year on my birthday of the beauty of family and life. Because his biological parents chose life for him, our family is greater. They had other options, but they chose life. Lisa and Robb chose generosity and acceptance and life and our family is greater.


Just prior Pearl, another grandchild, experienced a traumatic life threatening condition in the womb and at birth. Jesse and Sarah chose to battle for life and she is healthy, strong and precious to our soul today by direct and Divine intervention. Choose life.

Choose life. Choose generosity. Choose graciousness.

When death and destruction presents itself as an option in the form of abortion, violence, bullying, harrassment, addiction, suicide, depression, anxiety, poverty, abuse, or anger, you have choices. You can fight it. You can learn life giving options. You can surround yourself in freedom and positive relationships.

For 38 years I have dedicated my life to showing others life giving options to death and destruction as a friend, pastor, and community activist. I do not regret a day. My wife reminded me that our opus is to offer the tired,the tormented,the terrorized,and the torn a way forward into a better life now, and for eternity.

The pains of the past can be healed. The problems of the day can be solved. The seemingly unconquerable struggles can be overpowered in Jesus.

I teach many research and evidenced based workshops of life giving change. Every word is tested and true and helps build that better life forward not because of the reseach but because of the author of Life. He designed it to work. Truth is not relative. It is solid. It is crafted by the mastermind of the Creator. We discovered it in our reseach. He also laid it out in His Life Instruction book, the Bible. This book is alive.

The solution will not be found in a higher power, some set of principles or pastry sayings on facebook or a false god. Quips and quotables will not get you there. You will be warmed and left wanting. The solution is Jesus. Only He offers life and life more abundantly. He is the Source of All Life. He is the Creator and Sustainer of Life. He is not a a five minute altar call, but a lifelong commitment. He is life. Start with Him. Bury yourself in Him and His life giving direction and example. Worship Him as Provider, Sustainer, Creator, Shepherd, Rightstanding, God over lessor gods, King over all kings, Lord over all lords, Boss over all bosses,. He is my God and my soon coming King. Meet Jesus face to face, heart to heart, and you will have chosen life everlasting. Maranatha. Selah.

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