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Family and Parenting Tip: Separate from Violence

Family and Parenting Tip: separate Yourself and Your Family from the Violent and the Scoffers
The better part of mercy is discretion. Research shows over and over that exposure to emotional, sexual, and physical violence destroys us physically and limits our future. That violence may be coming from a family member or a constant video game or Netflix or the movie theater or internet pornography. It may be promoted by a political party or even a church.
By exposing our hearts and minds to abusive and invalidating and demeaning images and relationships, we kill pieces of ourselves, injure our ability to make healthy attachments, and become channels of deatruction to ourselves and others. What you take in is what you give out.
Get containment over your family.
Discuss the violence you see in politics and the world with your family.
Promote peaceful and respectful relationships and words.
Break off friendship time with scornful and bitter people.
Be courageous to protect the trust of body, mind, emotions, and relationships.
Break cycles of denial in your personal life. When we stay in an unhealthy relationship we damage ourselves and everyone around us. The controller uses our compassion to poison our souls. Others that we love and have a good heart are as offended by us as we are offended by the controller. We become carriers of pain and poison.
Really love those you love. Break away from controlling and angry people. Put up barriers of time and space. Love those who love you and build a healthy and safe life.

Sync Up Congregations, Community, and DFPS?

Last week Starla Abraham visited and I agreed to host a ‘start up ‘ information meet and greet lunch on Oct 24th. Put it on your calendar. There are many ways we can partner in faith with fixing fractures families. Will you join me? Starla has a vibrant passion to connect the community. For such a  time as this.

Why not win?  Why not help someone else win?  We can connect you with more wins than you ever thought possible.

More info coming. This is not just about adoptions and foster care. There is so much more. Ever heard of Clergy Court? I had not.  It is brilliant idea to engage clergy understanding in the family process in court. Each and every congregation can do something that fits their style and heart.

This Southwest Stack of Rocks is sometimes like the uphill battle we face.  After a struggling 7 mile run up and down the hillside, I came to the top of this hill exhausted.  Much loss had been experienced by my wife, me, my children, our family and friends.  Yet, in the heat of the day, in the rocky soil, in the snake and scorpion home, flowers blossom.  There is room for flower blossoms in the rockiest soil.  We can be the fertilizer, rain, and encouragement in a family or individual that seems without hope.


Your first win is the decision to come and listen and connect with others.  Every time I meet a new friend, I get a little more joy.  Come meet Starla, she will brighten your day.  Register now, so we can have enough food. Special note, we hope to have 90% of our repairs and remodel done at Hope C, the training home of SOLUM, where 440 have graduated from 90 day life change workshops in the last 4.5 years.

Judges 5:2 when leaders lead and people willing volunteer, the Lord is blessed…