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Live Your Life.  Wisdom enables sure foundations on which you can stand.

It is hard to make time for a bible study connection group or a community connection class.  Life happens.  Kids have places to be.  Cars need attention.  Birthday parties need to happen.  Life goes on.

But, you need that inspiration to get through the day and the week.

Here it is

                 …. ….

How simple is that?

Have a subject you want to look up?  Use the  Search bar to the right or slip over to the categories on the left.  There are over 138 quick and powerful devotional insights to help you keep your balance on living, health, peace, hope, faith, and many other subjects. Straight from the wisdom of scripture.

Phil has been writing interdenominational devotions since 1997.  Bishops, Drs, CEOs, Presidents, Politicians, and homemakers from multiple denominational settings read and enjoy.  These devotions will help you keep your balance in daily living whether your background is evangelical, ecclesiastical, ecumenical, entrepreneurial, or expressive in the Kingdom of Christ.

This site is just devotionals.

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