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DFPS Referrals

SOLUM CTI is honored to serve the families and those others that serve families in Cooke County and Wise County Texas.  This quick information referral form will help us help you.  Once you complete the form advise the family so they may contact us directly.  We do not take any action until they make contact. They may call my personal cell phone 405.388.8037 or call the office phone 940.580.4887.

  1. We recommend strongly that each person complete Life Skills before completing Parenting unless there is a specific time or goal restriction that prevents.
  2. If you are recommending two adults in the same household is there a reason we do not want them in the same table group?  In each workshop, we form smaller groups for role play and discussion during the sessions.  At times it is beneficial to break a couple up during a workshop to allow for freedom of expression and growth.  At other times it is beneficial to have them in the same discussion, especially in parenting.  Please note in comments.
  3. We will interview and obtain any other needed information from the referree(s).


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