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2014 Results 2015 Plan

Friend, I’m excited.  It is the beginning of a new year.  2015 holds great promise for those that have been preparing in 2014.  That is what we have done.  Groundwork.  Backbreaking, long hours, training, connecting, and foundational planning go along with the many families we’ve reached.  We did what we said we were going to do to change the fathering and family landscape of Oklahoma, Texas, and the nation.  Think EFFECTIVENESS.

  • Training accomplished for marital communication and youth in the Prep, nationally acclaimed, research and evidence based programs.
  • Delivered leadership training in 21 hour courses to 20 pastors.
  • Launched first citywide Dad’s University in Gainesville, Texas.
  • Developed and delivered Life Skills training in six eight week classes to 37 probationers with excellent results in anger management, better family interactions, and better workplace and community lifestyle.
  • Dad’s University eight week program delivered through connection at Tulakes Elementary and 12 week program at the Jesus House that included 30 men.
  • Launched Family Builders parenting skills training with two probationers in a ten week program.
  • Developed and ready for distribution on Dad’s University online and DVD with six core skills attention areas for every dad.
  • Published and distributed Time To Lead, a community action challenging study of Hezekiah and 54 leaders from business, government, education, religion, military, and community. Available on Amazon in both print and kindle.
  • Opened a training center in Gainesville, Texas hosted by Hope Connection.
  • Published over 60,000 character encouragement devotions to 3200 legislators in 34 states and 750 local leaders in Oklahoma.
  • Continue to reach thousands weekly through facebook, twitter, linkedin, and website.
  • Coordinated 80 OKC leaders in a brain session with Dr. Ken Canfield.
  • Hosted a citywide awareness concert in Gainesville pulling government, education, business, congregation, community and families from across denominations and cultural groups.
  • Met and informed hundreds of business leaders via Chamber of Commerce breakfasts, Rotary, Lions, etc..

This is just the beginning of something big.  Your contribution makes a difference.  Think IMPACT.  Each of those people represents a family and an extended family.  I find that most people influence a minimum of 15 others.  Do the math.  Parenting (2), Life Skills (37), Book (100), Legislators (3200), Leaders (750), OKC leaders (85) = 4174 x15 = 62,610 families impacted.  Some deeper than others.  Some we teach for months, some one time.  All impacts the community.  Think INFLUENCE.

Every bit of this was accomplished on a dime and a dare.  I’ve worked two part-time jobs along with doing this to stay afloat.  I don’t do this because I have great funding.  I do this because it is the right thing to do and the right time to do it.  2015 should be the year to move out of part-time.  That is your decision to make.

  • Would you like us to get our training center opened in Marietta for youth? We are located directly across from the high school in the meth cooking capital of Oklahoma.  K2 is being used to destroy young minds.  We have the location, the community good will, the training, and the heart to put a stop to great evil and do great good.  Think TURNAROUND.
  • Would you like us to expand parenting and father and couples and life skills training and reach ten times the families?
  • Would you like us to do more dvd and online training to reach the nation?
  • Would you like us to develop elementary school based programs to reach men and families in OKC?
  • Would you like us to get to legislators in all 50 states and move that number to 8000?

Sure you do.  This is what I need you to do. Give.  Give liberally.  Give your way.  Some like to give once a year after tallying up the profits.  Some like to give alongside bonuses.  Some like to give every month.  We need all of that.

Fathers are getting more engaged.  Families are being reunited.  Individuals choose a better life. Communities transform.  Legislators receive  encouragement to wise, character action.

Need a suggestion?  Think TRANSFORMATION!

Give $50 a month as a Family Builder.

Give $100 a month as a Community Builder.

Give $2500 to sponsor one Life Skills class with 15 probationers and be a Recovery Champion.

Give $5000 to support volunteer training in all areas and be a Community Champion.

Give $10,000 to enable us to acquire right staff and get school based programs underway and be a National Champion.

Do it now.  Do it.

Thanks for all you do,

Phil Larson, Director and Servant to Fathers and Families

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