Get excited about your part in building a new United States of Effective Families (USEF). That is right.  Effective families have solid life foundations, healthy and safe relationships, and build generations of greatness.  You need to join the team to make this happen in Texas, Oklahoma, Mexico and across the United States.

If not us, Who? 

If not now, When? 

If not here, Where?

Ways to Join

GIVE HEREWell some things are just simple.   GIVE HERE

Amazing Family BuildersJoin the Celebration of Life and Family

  • $25 or $50 a month keeps us in operation.
  • $100 supports a man in his journey for a weekend and followup.
  • $250 gives a struggling transformer a 10 week training and mentoring in Life Skills
  • $300 covers travel expenses for a team one way to the work in Mexico.
  • $500 gives a struggling mom or dad 180 days of life changing entry into the USEF.
  • $1000 trains a  new faciliator/mentor to help families

Read Results and Plans to get the full scoop.




When you give finances you advance men in support of families, you give a child a father he never had, you restore a man to his home and right attention to priorities, you open a wounded heart and apply love, you help a single mom get the help she needs from an absent father, you give a pastor love and encouragement, you under-gird a weary legislator, you show Christ to a dying world…. anything else?

How?  Use the online link for credit/debit giving…  GIVE HERE  ( you can do a monthly plan here also).

Send a Check to

SOLUM  – 501c3  ein: 11-3664238

3404 N Grand Ave

Gainesville, Tx 76240

an authorized 501c3 since 2002 taking tax deductible charitable contributions to support leaders, men and families men. EIN 11-3664238
Best way to support us?  With a regular commitment.  It can be monthly, quarterly, annually or when you get a bonus.  Each way provides us with  advance knowledge of how to budget and plan for working in the community.
Of course if you write a check, there is no bank service charge and the full amount goes to help others.

Saving Lives. Saving Families. Fixing Fractures.


Phil Larson 405-388-8037  phil@shepherdok.com


National Center for Fathering – networked – certified trainer


National Christian Foundation – authorized charity

Share every good thing you have with anyone who teaches you what God has said (CEV) Galatians 6:6
I am not trying to get something from you, but I want you to receive the blessings that come from giving. Philippians 4:17