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Investors’ Report-2013

FearlessInvestorsReportDec2013 pdf version

1.100% of first year budget raised

  • Luncheon and tournament

    The Oklahoman

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  • Sponsoring group for Gainesville
  • Light monthly support
  • A few Title Sponsors

2. Established ongoing projects in North, South, East, West and Gainesville

  • Tabitha – African American community – East OKC
  • Tulakes Elementary – 97% Fatherless School – North OKC
  • Epperly Heights Elementary – 97% Fatherless School – South OKC
  • Eagles’ Crest – Multicultural community – West OKC
  • Hope Connection – Multicultural community – Gainesville, Texas

3. All three outreaches of WatchDOGS, Dad’s University, FEARLESS Catalyst Weekends are working

  • Ramping up for online version of Dad’s University in two four week sessions
    • Established training cooperative with PREP for On My Shoulders to be offered out of Dad’s University
  • Fearless successful in West and East OKC – East OKC catalyst weekend is May 3rd, Gainesville catalyst weekend is Fathers Day, June 14th
  • WatchDOGS building in North and South OKC..more commitments are coming

4. Good connections with

  • National Center for Fathering
  • The Mentoring Project
  • Life Church NorthWest
  • International Pentecostal Holiness Church
  • St. John’s Missionary Baptist
  • East Zion Men’s District Association
  • SALLT –Women’s Dignity
  • Jesus House
  • Prep, Inc

GIVE…Make It Happen For A FatherLess Father and His Kids


FearlessInvestorsReportDec2013 pdf version

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