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The 100 Billion Dollar Man

100billion“This study, the first of its kind, provides an estimate of the taxpayer costs of father absence. More precisely, it estimates the annual expenditures made by the federal government to support father-absent homes. These federal expenditures include those made on thirteen means-tested antipoverty programs and child support enforcement, and the total expenditures add up to a startling $99.8 billion.” –>100billion <–Click to Download the Study

Steven L. Nock and Christopher J. Einolf did a definitive study of the hard, verifiable costs of fatherless homes in the United States.

It is hard to define the cost of pain and lack of self confidence and lost years of productivity.  A look at the dollars points to pain.

When you give to Community Transformation, you are changing hard dollar costs of social support systems and government.

A single mom with two teenagers called.  She is taking in three other kids from a neighbor.  The father is incarcerated.  Mom seems clueless to abuse from her live in boyfriend.  Now the costs is shuffling from one house to another and the pain keeps increasing.  Five kids are struggling to understand life in the abandonment zone.  Where will they end up?  I know two of them.  One is full of anger and angst and darkness.  The other is erratic and unstable.  Life has not been kind.  They need a dedicated, healthy male to influence the chaos.
executive summary
Father absence has risen greatly in the last four decades.

Father absence contributes to family poverty.

The Federal Government spent at least $99.8 billion providing assistance to father-absent families in 2006.

The $99.8 billion cost is a conservative estimate, as it leaves out 3 significant, but hard to measure, sources of costs:


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