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Anger Has To Go! SEEDS

Blossoms in the Rocks

SOLUM approaches anger with researched solutions. You want that. You want an approach that has worked for thousands and will now work for you. Core Value Workshop forms the base of our solution to anger. Add to that strong 12 Step discipline and you have a lifelong touchstone.

Blossoms in the rocks. On a 7 mile run in the heat of SouthWest Oklahoma, a stopping point at the top of a hill contained hard granite rock. Nonetheless, blossoms poked out of the rocks. Surely there are snakes and tarantulas in there. How can the blossoms come through? Somehow, pockets of soft develop in the hardness. Our lives get hard and rocky. Busting up spots that allow roots of calm to develop gives us a chance to change. Get to the core and the entire landscape will change.



Strengthen your inner core values that built resistance to anger.

Establish a mental proclivity to peace and contentment

Embrace a positive mind set.

Develop daily regimens of stress reduction

Stabilize inner angst



Who Can Benefit? Struggling with anger? Want to get a handle on it an tone it down? This is for you. Whether it has gotten you into trouble with the law or your family or just messes with your peace of mind.

Who is this NOT for? If you have been adjudicated for domestic violence, we recommend you attend a qualified Batterers Intervention of at least six months with a successful completion before you work with us on Core Value.

What are the costs? An initial fee of $50 will cover your assessment and setup of manuals and appointments. Private individuals are then responsible for a $40 a visit fee. Cooke County Community Supervision will cover all your fees after your initial fee for the base workshop if you are specifically referred by a probation officer.

How long does it take? You will be required to meet one on one for a minimum of 10 sessions with a workshop facilitator along with attending our weekly 12 Step series each week while in the program. There is daily homework. We do not release you simply because you meet the timeline. You will be required to show competency in the concepts before released. We recommend a monthly visit for six months after completion to maintain skills.

Can I do this Online? Yes, we can met face to face in conference. Complete the registration below and put “Online” in the message notes and we will get right back with you. Fees and arrangements are different. But, you can live a new life rapidly.

Ready to Start:

1. Register right now. Make the commitment.

2. Pay the initial $50 registration and setup fee online or onsite.

3. Take this Anger Assessment

Complete the registration and hit submit.


http://www.compassionpower.com/about-us/ CompassionPower was founded on the belief that individuals and societies are more powerful when compassionate than when angry or aggressive and that emotional problems arise whenever people violate their deeper values.

The first CompassionPower program began in 1988, to treat domestic violence and child abuse offenders. Using a new technology of emotion reconditioning, the program greatly improved the personal and community behavior of court-ordered offenders. CompassionPower programs quickly expanded to treat non-violent but unhappy relationships, with equal success.

Emotion reconditioning allows us to focus on healing and improving, instead of blaming, denying, and avoiding. The result is a much stronger individual with the enhanced sense of self that comes from relating compassionately to others and remaining true to deeper values. Emotion reconditioning increases self-value, enhances performance, and greatly improves relationships. It allows us to overcome problems of anger, resentment, anxiety, and thereby avoid the self-defeating and abusive behaviors they motivate.

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