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THINK! Life Skills

eupdThink About It! (Monday nights 7-9) 20 intensive hours spread over 11 weeks.  Practical application homework every week.  This class is based on the nationally successful Thinking For a Change offering a chance to change using cognitive restructuring, key social skills, and problem analysis. 

Think For a Change is a powerful program developed in conjunction with the Department of Corrections that addresses cognitive restructuring, social skills development, and problem analysis skills with limited trauma sensitivity.  (http://nicic.gov/t4c) In January of 2014, The Community Transformation Initiative in conjunction with Hope Connection in Gainesville, Texas will offer a version of TFAC that is customized to the community and inclusive of probationers and the general public.  Offering a community open course like this enables the probationers to interact on a positive basis and remove some stigma, while maintaining a dignity.

  • Skills on which we will focus will include problem solving, positive relationships, communication clarity, emotional control.
  • Our core life skills curriculum will be presented in 11 weeks one of those will be a break week.
  • A one time registration fee of $50 is required prior to class.
  • Each week, a report of attendance and non-attendance can be emailed to the person of  your choosing.
  • Classes will use a combination of instructor, video, discussion, and role play as they are workshop
  • Participants will have homework weekly and be expected to report progress at each class.
  • Who should attend? Probationers working on staying productive in the community, adults and teens looking to improve relational skills, those struggling with anger, guilt, shame, frustration management, adults and teens from socially imbalanced development – single parent home, traumatic events, poverty

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