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.How Good Am I at Life Skills?

eupdLife Skills – THINK! can change your life’s direction and impact.  Please fill out these 50 quick questions to enable our team to make right preparations.  This needs to be submitted at least one week prior to class.  It should only take 5-10 minutes. Thanks so much for helping us help you.  All information here is sent confidentially and is kept confidential to you and the instructors.  This information is not shared with any one else, including anyone that may have referred you.  Our commitment in Life Skills is “What is said here stays here.”  

BE HONEST.  Fill this out the way you are today not the way you want to be or have been in the past.

SCORE YOURSELF.  Once you fill this out, I’ll forward your answers back to you with a score sheet so you can see where you stand.

FOCUS.  Once you score yourself, pick five areas in which you would like to improve.  Write them down and bring them to the workshop.  Share them with the instructor.