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 Recover – Revise

Obstacles you will overcome:  This approach comes from the internationally successful Celebrate Recovery offering a chance to change using core principles of addressing hurts, habits, and hangups in a 12 step approach with a Christian emphasis on freedom and recovery. Recovery Revision has a specific DNA using specific materials.  It is successful, and we adhere to that DNA.

Skills you will learn: focus on freedom and forgiveness and restitution.  Get your life back.  Give others their life back. Many community groups overseeing recovery accept CR as an alternative to AA, NA, and GA.  Take your place in freedom.  Overcome denial, address fractures in relationships, build resilience forward to stay healthy. covers recovery principles, relationship skills, communication skills, and family and community revitalization and stabilization

Syllabus:  Celebrate Recovery step study.  25 core lessons.  Core healthy relationship principles from PREP 8.0.

Who should attend: Everyone.  Teens and adults working through any hurt, habit, or hang-up. Only 1 of 3 comes for alcohol or drugs. Individuals working on staying productive in the community, adults and teens looking to improve struggling with anger, guilt, shame, grief, frustration management, adults and teens from socially imbalanced development – single parent home, traumatic events, poverty, or addictions. R & R can be delivered in County Jail across the glass also.

No need to call or register.  Just come.  Take that step. Come.

Recover – Revise is sponsored by Hope Church. SOLUM strongly encourages participation.  There are no fees. This is an open group. Participants are encouraged to give as they can.


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