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Train The Trainer Fall 2018

It is official.  We are ready to begin sponsoring other sites located in churches across North Texas, Southern Oklahoma, and the rural United States.  With the preparation of our online training capabilities, we can train you to impact the families in your community with right materials for THINK, Parenting, Getting Ahead, Defeating Giants – Rejection, Family and other items.  Some programs have specific requirements for you to gain trainer status with sponsoring curriculum writers.

Are you interested in:

Effective community change

Interactive training that builds better lives

Making your congregation a powerful agent of community

Contact me now.  We are training this Fall in North Texas and can work with you along with providing 501C3 covering outside of your church.  Protecting the separation of church and state is important.   We will advise you how to make it happen and be a resource for your community.  Our preference is to work with churches located at least 30 miles outside of a metro, where the need in probation, parole, and state family services is most prevalent.