Vision Must Be Refreshed

Community Transformation Initiative has a great reputation. How do you improve what you are doing and how you present yourself?  In marketing, we call that “rebranding”. Recast the image.  As our success grows working with struggling families, it is time  to put on a new suit of clothes.

1. SOLUM is Latin for soil or foundation.   What we do is invest in the soil of hurting lives with fresh thought that can repair fractured foundations and launch a new future solid enough for generations.

2. The two leave image can be interpreted two ways. Some look and say, “It means someone comes alongside me and is helping me build a better life forward.”  Others look and say, “It means when I change it affects those around me also.”  Those are quotes from grads of our workshops, when I asked them to help with the new imagery.

3. Solid Life Foundations – Yes, we work at the foundational level of thought, social skills, and problem solving assisting those that come to us with cognitive self restructuring. That means they have to chose.  They have to build themselves up from the inside out. We assist and expose and challenge.

4. Healthy and Safe Relationships – violence is too prevalent and lack of listening is too common.  We teach how to listen, empathize, understand, and communicate.  These are not common skills.

5. Generations of Greatness – When foundations are rebuilt with solid approach and communication is ongoing, more is caught than taught.  Each workshop is three months, once a week, 20 hours, and includes weekly homework.  These are designed to shift thinking.  Life Skills, Family Builders, Anger Management, Couples Communication. They are all researched and evidence based.   They will speak into the lives of the children of the children of those we connect.

Support Phil and SOLUM – Solid Life Foundations:

  1. Need a motivational speaker?  Call me and connect.  405.388.8037
  2. Need a leadership retreat?   Let’s get it done.
  3. Feeling philanthropic? GIVE to support solid family life foundation building. 
  4. Interested in starting a GrandParent Support group in your area?  Get with me.

Capital Chaos Disturbs Us All: A Call To Pray

joyfulgenerationsPsalm 122:6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem (your city): they shall prosper that love you. Peace be within the walls (places we all consider safe), and prosperity within the palaces (places of trade and government). For my brethren and companions’ sakes, I will now say, Peace be within thee.
Pray for and plan for the peace of your city.  Leaders do that. Leaders look to ensure right infrastructure is in place.  They plan for economic growth.  Education systems are intentionally developed. Healthcare is situated.  Community arts and social activities are set in place.  And then chaos attacks the peace of the city, the safety of hearts and minds, and the stability of home.
Nothing is more frightening than violence in the home, the safe place.  As we pray for the people of Paris and those assaulted in the Russion airliner and the thousands slaughtered in Syria and other countries, we pray for our cities and our homes.  The world is an unsafe place.  It has been greatly disturbed.  Our own schools and streets experience ever increasing violence. Even as we acknowledge these atrocities and attacks on peace of mind and stability, remember that one out of three women report being violently assaulted in their lifetime, one out of four young women will be sexually abused by age 16, 41% of our children are being born into never secure, never married homes.  While murder rages in the streets and skies, our homes are on fire from within.
Pray for both today.  Pray for our homes.  Pray for our safety.  Pray for your home, your city, and pray globally.
Father, we have lost touch with what is most important to You.  You call Yourself, Father, the Protector and Provider of homes and cities and nations.  Our guard is down.  Our lives are strewn to chaos.  Our streets are not safe from without or from within.  We are most heartily sorry for our part, Father.
Father, teach us.  Instruct us in ways that lead to peace and prosperity.  Take us to secure homes and undisturbed cities and schools and theaters and meeting places.  Refugees scatter across our world and find no peace in the next place.  God, grant us peace. 

A solid life foundation

Ok, we need you to share your feelings and we are taking on a new name and logo to match. Which option do you like and why? Pick the one you like and leave a comment.
Our vision and mission has tightened: Building solid life foundations in the soil of lives. Releasing a healthy and safe family and relational environment in our communities. Seeding generations of greatness and wise living. Life long dads. Forever families. We need ’em.
SOLUM engages leadership in the home, congregation, education, business, government, media, arts, community, with education and action.





Unnerved – The Community Solution

Right and effective research pushes the boundaries of accepted thought.  While political pundits push socially acceptable and emotionally provoking concepts at the public mind as if they were truth, are they?  In a minute I’ll tell you a fresh story of one of our Transformers, a person moving from struggling to secure. Right now, let’s debunk based on research not politics.


1. Poverty is not a race issue.  67% of all U. S. individuals in poverty are white.

2. Poverty is not totally caused by systems and exploitation.  Individual choices, addiction, illness, war, lack of education, lack of employment, mindsets, disabilities, and thinking play big roles.

3. Wealthy people pay taxes. 67.9% of U.S. federal taxes were paid by the top 20% of households in 2009.

CONNECTED: Okay, that is enough debunking.  There is more to come.  Thekey to change involves feeling the pain of staying the same, getting a vision or goal, applying your talent and skill, and connecting with a mentor to help you bridge from where you are to where you want to go.

UNNERVED: Jack (name changed) exploded excitedly into his story this week.  After six weeks of THINK!, his life story changed.  After doing some work, the business owner refused to pay.

“I was ready to call and cuss him out and get angry like I normally do, ” declared Jack. “But, I reminded myself I had new social skills from THINK!. If I did that he probably would hang up and never pay me.”

Jack at this point did exactly what he had been taught through role playing, music, video, discussion, interaction, personal application homework and instruction. He paused, cooled down, set goal, decided what skills to use (active listening, asking questions, responding to anger, and negotiating) made a plan, picked up the phone and went to work getting his money.

With his new approach, Jack talked to the owner, then talked to the work supervisor, then talked to his workmate. Each contributed information that the other person needed.  The owner not only gladly paid Jack the $450 he owed, but gave him a $100 bonus because of the professional way he handled the situation and offered him more work.

Jack unnerved himself. He disconnected decades of bad example, incorrect socialization, and nervous energy.  Then he connected a new thought source.  Now he has a powerful life altering story of applying a restructured approach. He is transforming himself and his family.  He is unnerving a dysfunctional set of anxieties and approaches and reconnecting a new set of productive nerve endings.

THE COMMUNITY SOLUTION needs your gift.  It is simple. What we do changes lives.  What we do opens doors for a better life forward.  What we do takes money.  You can put life change into the hands of Jack, who now brings his partner to class and she is changing alongside.  GIVE.  Text   thinkcti   to 77977 and you will receive a secure link back.  Or go the   and get info on giving by check.   Use your skill and heart to help others.  Help another Jack.GIVE 

THINK! – Decision Making

What is a Transformer?  That is anyone who comes to me with an expectation of improving.  They may not have it when we meet. But, they will get it before we are done. Some make great progress and change their family, neighbors, extended family, and community like this couple. They are hosting a couples communication session for other family members.  They are Transformers.  They came with issues. They walk side by side with solutions for others.

Where are you making a significant impact on the thoughts and lives of others so they can make a significant impact on the thoughts and lives of others?

Community Transformation Initiative is all about making Transformers happen in their world.  In the Christian venue, we would call that making Disciples. Get what I need. Give what I get to others. Repeat daily.


This is for you, who age our businesses, community, and organizations. 31 keys to effective organizational management developed over 35 years of study and practice.These were selected by my staff as the most impact in their lives and development. Now I share them with you.

Manage Well: An Eclectic Manager’s Guide To Excellence

by Philip Larson

If I could just go,

If I could just go,

Those words strike home.  Most of us like to give our time, talent, and treasure where we have gone. Nothing wrong with that.  That is good.

But, really, I don’t want you be addicted or desperate or incarcerated or abused or assaulted.  But, I do want you to come with me to those that have and are living in hell.

If you could come to hell for five minutes and come to heaven for five minutes, how would you live the rest of your life?  Come with me.  I invite you.  They live in the same room.

Two years ago, I packed a bag and took a trip to hell. I thought I was headed to heaven. On a prayer and a challenge I travelled to North Texas.  With less than half the money needed just to pay household expenses, I took the trip and take it every week.  And I live in hell alongside new friends for all that time.  I invite you to come with me.  We can bring them heaven.

August 9th starts a new group of families looking to improve communications.   August 10th starts theavenandhellwo new groups (25 preregistered) of people on probation for a myriad of reasons. They look to improve life in every aspect.

Come with me.

There is a doorway through which every person comes in Gainesville.  When they walk through the first time, they are cocky, frightened, anxious, angry, or aggravated.  They expect an AA atmosphere or a dressing down.  We give them Jesus. Oh, not the bible versed, KJV, sanctified, Sunday morning Jesus. We give them open arms, take you as you are, talk beside the well of life for a little while, Zacchaeus’ living room Jesus.  We give them wisdom rewritten in conversations, instructions and stories relevant today out of timeless truth.   It is researched and evidence based.  Truth works. And hell begins to look a little more like heaven.

Over the ten weeks of transformation, they walk through the door differently. They come early to sit and talk.  They laugh and sometimes dance.  One will come in so excited, we have to halt class to listen to a testimony of achievement.  I laugh and think of what Jesus felt when the seventy returned from their trip with stories of demons lying down and disease being conquered.  One tells how she is talking to her daughter in prison for the first time in years.  Another brags that her children have been returned.  A man boasts that he is having great conversations with his teenagers for the first time.  Another laughs that his wife wants to come because she is curious what is changing him into this new person.  Another has conquered another month of sobriety.

Old things pass away. Life becomes new.  This is the gospel of Life Skills and Family Builders.  This is Jesus. And we party for graduation.  Family comes. Grandma visits. Kids sit beside changed parents.

In the private times, my phone rings and we visit one on one.  We pray and cry over cancers and conflicts.   We dig into deep stories of pain and angst no one should ever have lived. We open a bible and let the love of Jesus shine in faith.  In class, we never preach.  In private, we always pray.  No one is required to believe, everyone is offered the fullness of Jesus.  But, they have to ask.

Come on a short term mission trip.  This is missions.  Once we begin a class, there are no visitors allowed, so August 10th is your opportunity to see a beginning.  Come spend an evening watching miracles.

Can’t come?   Scratch in a Wednesday luncheon with me in Moore, Ok in August.   Visit our new headquarters. We will be starting the same thrust into hell for the OKC area soon.

If you can’t give your time for these, then give your treasure and talent.  All the instructions for online or mail in are at . My wife and I still live on just not enough and dip into savings meant for retirement. I dream of having sufficient for someone to do the books and cut the grass and expand to teach more groups.   We believe that God has other missionaries, who will join with the Jesus you can touch approach. I am believing for four missionaries.  It all belongs to Him.  Many missionaries wait until they have a fund off of which to live.   Others just go.  That’s me.  Every month is an adventure.

Come sit in hell with me and watch heaven unfold.

Phil, Director

Community Transformation Initiative –

Educating, Encouraging, Engaging – Fathers, Families, Leaders


Anger Has It’s Moment: Treacherous Without Cause

Angst fills our conversation.  Anger erupts.  Violence spills into interactions.  This is America.  This is the United States.

Psalm 25:3 No one who hopes in you will ever be put to shame, but shame will come on those who are treacherous without cause

The anger of our youth seems unquenchable.  Some of that anger is in our twenty somethings.  Some of that anger from our youth is in our fifty and sixty somethings.  Both angers are dangerous.raysthinker

Across media there is a call to have a conversation.  Can we have conversation in the context of anger?  Is anger really a problem or is anger simply a symptom?

In our classes at CTI, anger comes up frequently.  “How do I control it?”  “How do I avoid it?”  “Why do the situations exist that provoke it?”  Anger rules our nation more than laws.  People will submit to anger’s control faster than they will put down their phones while driving.  Anger is a master.  Anger has a definition.  Anger is unresolved hurt.  Heal the hurt and the anger subsides.  Anger is a symptom, not a problem.

Two incidents point to the seething pot of pain on which we stand in our America.

The ugly murders in South Carolina by one who publicly declared the intent of his actions to cause a race war are followed by a quieter incident in the social media of Oklahoma.

Racism, prejudice, bigotry, isolationism, anger, pain, violence and finger pointing sear the national soul. We are preparing for war against ourselves. 41% of our youth will be arrested for a non-traffic crime by age 23.  Anger breaks laws.  Domestic violence is the crime of young men in their twenties and thirties.  Men attacking their loves out of uncontrolled angst exhibited in anger.  Anger needs an outlet.  We have quadrupled the prison population in our nation since 1980 exceeding any other nation in percentages of incarceration.  No other nation comes close.  We are a nation of violent unrest.

What about South Carolina?  The story unfolds.  A young man chose to hate. He chose to fill himself with stories of hate.  He isolated himself in hate.  Then he acted.  He was treacherous without cause. That path is full of war.  Many are following his path.  We scream, “Foul”, choose to hate, fill ourselves with stories of hate, isolate behind cultural walls, and then we will act.  We are preparing ourselves for war and treachery without cause.  There is another path.  Racism and isolationism are a path of treachery without cause.

What about Oklahoma?  A well liked sports figure died in a traffic accident.  A man with a Hispanic surname is charged with an illegal u-turn which seems to be a primary cause of the accident.  Social media erupted with hateful voices decrying the fact that “illegals” are being licensed to drive, causing insurance rates to go up, making our streets like the streets of Mexico.  All because this man is brown skinned and has an Hispanic surname. Do we not have a standard of innocent until proven guilty?  We scream, “Foul”, choose to hate, fill ourselves with stories of hate, isolate behind cultural walls, and then we will act.  Anger is a master. Racism and isolationism are a path of treachery without cause. 

raysexplosion “I just want to be heard.”   Last night I was teaching on emotional needs.  One of those is the need to be heard, to have someone listen.  Whether I am with couples or singles or teaching relational Life Skills or Communication or Parenting, this session is always painful.  Our fatherless society has birthed an orphan heart that yearns to be heard.  It is the angry heart of a child seeking affirmation and acknowledgement from some authority somewhere.  And it will erupt in violence to be heard.  It will isolate, choose to hate, fill itself with stories of hate, and act in some emotional, social, physical, or relational violence.

Sunday was Father’s Day.  The Father from which every family gets its name is available to listen.  The Psalmist gave a solution.  “No one who hopes in you will be put to shame (from the rule of anger’s outbursts) but shame will come on those treacherous with cause (because they will act in anger).  The parenthetical portions are mine.  The Father listens.  We can be heard.  If THE  Our Father can listen so can our fathers.sarynandpopa

A heart of a father listens.  Unless he is not home.  Unless he is strained under our national desire to overwork our employees.  Our average work week is 47-49 hours. READ. Unless he never took initial responsibility.  Huge numbers of our children are born into never married situations. “In fact, four in ten births in the U.S. continue to occur to unmarried women—and more than half of all births to women under 30 are to unmarried women. To best support children and their families, efforts should be made to support stable relationships for a variety of family types.” – See more.  I call them the “never-a-dads” and they will be angry, there will be blood.  Unless he walked away.  This father absence removes a layer of protection for children in development. (Impact of violence children see on their development.)

As a nation, we need to go home.  The pain of generations of home abortion is deep and erupting.  Laws will not stop violence bred of anger bred of personal pain in the home.  Taking down flags while putting up emotional barriers will not stop violence bred of anger of personal pain in the homes.  It is not so much the pain of one home to one person as much as the national pain of many homes flooding our streets. Finger pointing and isolationist grouping will certainly not stop violence but breed treachery without cause.

The pain needs to be heard and processed in our homes, in our neighborhoods, in our cities, in our states, in our nation.   Yes, a conversation would be good.  But it must be more than a conversation.  It must result in effective return to parented homes.  Fractured families need healed.  Our communities need to build around supporting homes not dividing them.  Then, we might make progress to a kinder and gentler nation.

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